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  • It Takes a Village, A Village of Women

    I can’t help but wonder about all the women who inspired me in my forty-four years of life. Today more than ever, when I’m in the middle of a transition, a rebirth that could only take place with a team of women — angels, messengers, role models, companions, and support. Back in February, through the…

  • My Ten Favorites of 2018

    My Ten Favorites of 2018

    As the year comes to an end, I am sharing with you my eight of the best products, services, and places that I’ve tried in 2018. I hope you find a few to add to your bucket list. Plus, you might find a gift or two for you too (discount codes anyone?). Enjoy! Facial If…

  • My Experience at a Korean Spa

    My Experience at a Korean Spa

    Living in Los Angeles, I have heard here and there about Korean Spas but never got their grip. The girl who used to do my lash extensions swore by them, and she was a facialist, too. Other girlfriends had talked about it, but I never made the time to go for one reason or another….

  • Shamanic Facial

    Shamanic Facial

    I met Julie a couple of years ago at the University of Santa Monica when we were both doing the Soul-Centered Living I program. I fell in love with her bright and soft energy. So, when I learned that she was doing something called Shamanic Facials I didn’t hesitate to call her. If you know…

  • Mommy Moments

    Mommy Moments

    Being a mother is a bittersweet journey, at least for myself. In one day, I can be the sweetest, most understanding, and balanced mother; and the next minute, I can be a horrible, screaming, eye-rolling mother, too. I can foster independence, yet I can helicopter at the same time (yes, I can do that). I…

  • Council


    Today I was part of a Kindergarten Parent Council at my daughter’s school. Truth to be told: I was dreading. It not only meant having my three kids ready by 7:20 am to do three school drop-offs and switch gears to be all Kumbaya and participate in a council. It also meant speaking in public…

  • 15 Books for 2017: Turn Your Intentions into Your Lifestyle

    15 Books for 2017: Turn Your Intentions into Your Lifestyle

    Happy New Year! Cheers to you that are reading this right now, I hope you started off with the right foot and, if not, not to worry, you still have 354 days ahead. Last year, was one of many personal challenges for me. I was ready for it to end. As my Dad texted me…

  • Merry Everything!

    Merry Everything!

    Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Merry Everything!

  • Thank You!

    My favorite holiday  is Thanksgiving. I love the meaning, I love it doesn’t involve giving or getting any material gifts, I love how families and friends gather to cook and break the bread to give thanks. Did I mentioned that I love the food, too? In Mexico we do not celebrate this holiday but it is…

  • One Week Later

    One Week Later

      In Mexico, every six years we have the same dance: three main candidates one worst than the other, full of hidden skeletons in their closets want to be president. A battle of egos. Do they want to change our country? No. Do they think about the highest good of the country? No. Do they…