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  • Council


    Today I was part of a Kindergarten Parent Council at my daughter’s school. Truth to be told: I was dreading. It not only meant having my three kids ready by 7:20 am to do three school drop-offs and switch gears to be all Kumbaya and participate in a council. It also meant speaking in public…

  • Merry Everything!

    Merry Everything!

    Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Merry Everything!

  • The Art of Gifting, My Favorite New App, and a Gift for my Readers, Too

    The Art of Gifting, My Favorite New App, and a Gift for my Readers, Too

    I love to buy gifts. It is truly one of the things I enjoy the most. As a keen observer and a style lover, I like to find the perfect gift for everybody. I love browsing through the stores (on site or online) thinking about a friend, a family member, or even my kids’ teachers to find…

  • Peach Pie

    Peach Pie

    Drum roll, please! If you’ve read my bio on Instagram, the last statement is that I make a killer apple pie. I do, I am sorry to brag. It hasn’t happened overnight, though. I’ve been practicing for many, many years. I have many stories about making pie, undercooked dough, tasteless peaches or apples, burnt crust;…

  • Eight Picture Books Every Adult Should Read

    Eight Picture Books Every Adult Should Read

    These past few weeks I’ve felt quite shaken by all the tragic events that are happening in our planet. Too much violence, too much hatred. To counteract this situation, I chose eight picture books that will inspire you and will make you feel hopeful and eager to contribute to making the world a better place, or at least they will…

  • Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day

    I wanted to come up with ideas to put together a gift guide for Mother’s Day, so I asked my friends to described their perfect Mother’s Day and what would be a perfect gift. While I read their responses I started thinking about this particular celebration and how it has changed over the years. One…

  • Coachella in My (almost) 40s

    When my friend Sheila invited us to go to Coachella all I could think of was that – at last – I’d had an excuse to wear a flower crown without feeling ridiculous (that, until I saw The Fat Jewish billboard: “Friends don’t let friends wear flower crowns” – hilarious). Ugh.  Then, I thought: camping? Not for me. Music…