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  • My Experience at a Korean Spa

    My Experience at a Korean Spa

    Living in Los Angeles, I have heard here and there about Korean Spas but never got their grip. The girl who used to do my lash extensions swore by them, and she was a facialist, too. Other girlfriends had talked about it, but I never made the time to go for one reason or another….

  • Shamanic Facial

    Shamanic Facial

    I met Julie a couple of years ago at the University of Santa Monica when we were both doing the Soul-Centered Living I program. I fell in love with her bright and soft energy. So, when I learned that she was doing something called Shamanic Facials I didn’t hesitate to call her. If you know…

  • Council


    Today I was part of a Kindergarten Parent Council at my daughter’s school. Truth to be told: I was dreading. It not only meant having my three kids ready by 7:20 am to do three school drop-offs and switch gears to be all Kumbaya and participate in a council. It also meant speaking in public…

  • With a Little Help From My Friends

    With a Little Help From My Friends

    Ten days ago I received the most amazing treat: my lifelong friends came from Mexico to LA to visit me. I couldn’t believe my luck. About two months ago, we started talking about organizing a trip for when we all turned 40 next year (yes, with this group here we MUST plan a year in…

  • 5 de Mayo

    Let me start by telling you that in the 32 years that I lived in Mexico City, and the year that I lived in France, I never celebrated 5 de Mayo . It is a holiday observed by schools, but I am pretty sure it is not mandatory for corporations or even government offices. It is not that…