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  • 48 Hours in Portland, Maine

    48 Hours in Portland, Maine

    Hello from a sad three-star hotel at JFK airport after our flight to London was delayed for over fifteen hours. Don’t ask. On a happier note, earlier today we picked up my son Patricio from sleep away camp in Casco, Maine where he dwelled for almost four weeks. Oh, boy did we missed him! Did he…

  • Up In The Air: Ten Tips For Traveling With Kids

    Up In The Air: Ten Tips For Traveling With Kids

    Remember those days where your only concern about an upcoming trip was restaurant reservations and how many shoes you were able to pack? You got to the airport with your carry-on, a book, your music, and if this was a just a few years ago, your favorite shows and movies to watch during the flight….

  • My First Camping Trip (ever)

    My First Camping Trip (ever)

      As part of their preschool “culmination”, my youngest daughter’s school organizes an over-night camping trip with all the class. When I first knew about this, I panicked. If you’ve visited my Instagram profile or if you’ve met me, you know that I am a spoiled traveler. Yes, guilty as charged. I am, and I…