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  • Cookies in a Jar

    Cookies in a Jar

    I’ve always tried to find cute party favors that don’t end up in the trash. It saddens me when they get a bag full of little plastic toys that give kids joy for a second and then end up hidden in the backseat of your car, forgotten and, eventually, in the trash. We’ve given jumping…

  • My Favorite Cooking Blogs

    My Favorite Cooking Blogs

    Hi! I remember from a very, very young age my love for baking and cooking. I went to cooking summer camps and tested my recipes with friends and family. I particularly remember a recipe of vanilla and coke jello (gagging now) and I want to publicly acknowledge all the brave souls who tried it. As…

  • 5 de Mayo

    Let me start by telling you that in the 32 years that I lived in Mexico City, and the year that I lived in France, I never celebrated 5 de Mayo . It is a holiday observed by schools, but I am pretty sure it is not mandatory for corporations or even government offices. It is not that…

  • Enchiladas Verdes (casserole version)

    Enchiladas Verdes (casserole version)

    This is a lighter version of the original enchiladas where the tortilla is fried (!!), filled with chicken and then covered with salsa verde and topped with queso fresco. In my mom’s kitchen, they prepare them that way, one by one; it takes a lot of time and not to mention the calorie count if you fry the tortilla….

  • Pastel Azteca aka Vegetarian Enchilada

    Pastel Azteca aka Vegetarian Enchilada

    Here’s a funny story about this dish. I think it was my second year living in LA when I hosted a baby shower for my friend Begoña and I made a Mexican breakfast. Her guests were mostly Americans so I  wrote little signs next to each platter so they knew what they were about to eat. For this casserole,…

  • Sangría

    Ok, ok, ok. I know that Sangria is not a Mexican drink but it’s festive and fresh, and I  wanted to post the recipe for all of you that want to have an easy, fruity drink for your 5 de Mayo gather. What you need:  1 bottle of red wine (not your cheapest, not your…