I am a bilingual writer, wife, and mom living in L.A.IMG_1338 I created My Cup of Tea to share with you all the things that I like, live, and love: fashion, travel, design, food, and books. If you want to know a little more about myself go to the About page. I really hope you enjoy my cup of tea!

♥ Marcela

My Cup of Tea
LA, Life

5 de Mayo

Let me start by telling you that in the 32 years that I lived in Mexico City, and the year that I lived in France, I never celebrated 5 de Mayo . It is a holiday observed by schools, but I am…

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Life, With kids

Mother’s Day

I wanted to come up with ideas to put together a gift guide for Mother’s Day, so I asked my friends to described their perfect Mother’s Day and what would be a perfect gift. While I read their responses I…

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Home decor, Style

Brass in pocket

Have you noticed that stores, magazines, and interior designers are training our eyes and taste to like brass and golden accessories? Well, I have. It is funny how trends work. I remember growing up and going to my aunt’s’ house or…

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