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  • Olive Oil Cupcakes

    Olive Oil Cupcakes

    Do you have a favorite dessert when you offer to bring one to a gathering (remember those?)? This recipe is my go-to option. Pre-COVID I used to bake a whole cake and sprinkle it with powder sugar and decorate it with a sprig of my olive tree. It looked beautiful. Today, instead I make cupcakes,…

  • Peach Pie

    Peach Pie

    Drum roll, please! If you’ve read my bio on Instagram, the last statement is that I make a killer apple pie. I do, I am sorry to brag. It hasn’t happened overnight, though. I’ve been practicing for many, many years. I have many stories about making pie, undercooked dough, tasteless peaches or apples, burnt crust;…

  • Tablescape I: Breakfast With The Girls

    Tablescape I: Breakfast With The Girls

    Yesterday, I hosted a breakfast for a few¬†friends to say goodbye to my friend Marion who is moving back to Mexico City. Normally, I am an “I want to do it all” kind of host. Potlucks don’t work for me (control freak alert!) but this time I had no choice: 1) the friend for whom…