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  • Tablescape I: Breakfast With The Girls

    Tablescape I: Breakfast With The Girls

    Yesterday, I hosted a breakfast for a few friends to say goodbye to my friend Marion who is moving back to Mexico City. Normally, I am an “I want to do it all” kind of host. Potlucks don’t work for me (control freak alert!) but this time I had no choice: 1) the friend for whom…

  • Enchiladas Verdes (casserole version)

    Enchiladas Verdes (casserole version)

    This is a lighter version of the original enchiladas where the tortilla is fried (!!), filled with chicken and then covered with salsa verde and topped with queso fresco. In my mom’s kitchen, they prepare them that way, one by one; it takes a lot of time and not to mention the calorie count if you fry the tortilla….