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Mommy Moments

Being a mother is a bittersweet journey, at least for myself. In one day, I can be the sweetest, most understanding, and balanced mother; and the next minute, I can be a horrible, screaming, eye-rolling mother, too. I can foster independence, yet I can helicopter at the same time (yes, I can do that). I can play with them for hours or don’t want to be bothered at all. But no matter how overused this phrase is, there is no better thing than being a mother. There is not. There are no better teachers and mirrors than our children.

Happy Mommy Moments

1. When someone says how polite or kind my children are. Yes, call me arrogant, but I take all the credit for anything good that they do.

2. When my children repeat a phrase or teaching, I’ve been -not so secretly – drilling into their brains. Yes! It went through! The 3.7 million times I’ve said it. Finally, it WORKED!

3. When the dirty clothes are actually inside the hamper.

4. When I remember my children’s faces when they saw me at pick-up when they were in preschool.

5. When they get along.

6. When we all sing together in the car.

7. When I tell them 3.7 million times don’t do” x” because “y” could happen, then they do “x,” and “y” happens. Then, as I hug them, I think to myself: “I told you so, I hope you learn from this.”

8. When the three of them have play dates at the same time. Silence. Me-time with not a drop of guilt.

9. When I hear them play. It doesn’t have to be together necessarily. That’s a bonus, but just listening to what their imagination comes up with.

10.When I am sad or worried, and one of them comes up with a phrase so deep and insightful that it leaves me perplexed.

11. When they’re happy.

12.When we snuggle and read at night.

13.When they’re all asleep.


Not-So-Happy Mommy Moments

1. When they aren’t appreciative of _______ (fill in the blank: their food, their life, their house, their mother ahem!).

2. When they aren’t kind to each other.

3. When they’re sad or disappointed.

4.When they eat as if they were raised by wolves.

5. When I was planning a night out, a trip, or some outing and I have to cancel because someone is sick.

6. When they’re sick.

7. When I yell to them, or I am not as patient and compassionate as I would like to be.

8. When I tell them 3.7 million times don’t do” x” because “y” could happen, then they do “x,” and “y” happens. Then, as I hug them, I think to myself: “I told you so.” No, it is not a mistake; I wrote it again. It is part of the duality of being a mother. Bittersweet, remember?

9.Taking the girls to the restroom at restaurants, parties, gas stations. I hate it.

10. When they say, “I’m bored.”

11. When two or the three of them have performances or events going on simultaneously, my version of Sophie’s Choice.

12. When I pick them up from school, and the first thing they do is complain about just anything.

13. When I think they’re all asleep, and then I hear someone calling:” Maaaaaa.”


What are your Happy Mommy Moments and Not-So-Happy Mommy Moments? I’d love to know.

Happy Mother’s Day!